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Welcome to the Cancer Research Network

The Cancer Research Network (CRN) is an NCI-funded initiative to support and facilitate cancer research based in non-profit integrated health care delivery settings. The CRN welcomes collaborations that result in research projects that improve knowledge about cancer etiology, prevention, early detection, treatment and prognosis, and that decreases the burden of cancer across the cancer care spectrum. The integrated health care settings provide unique advantages for conducting population sciences research. Through the links below, find out more about the CRN, its activities, and how to develop collaborations with the CRN’s many investigators with expertise in conducting public-domain cancer research in these settings.

About the CRN

The CRN supports scientific resource development and maintenance at research groups affiliated with nine HMOs, and collaborating scientists at several other institutions.

Collaborating with the CRN

The CRN offers unique opportunities to conduct cancer research in the population-based integrated health care setting, and welcomes research collaborators.

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CRN Highlights

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